If you would like for us to speak with your agency about the benefits due to your family should something happen to you and the benefits for enrolling in our Blue Line Team please contact us.




Please consider supporting LA-COPS as a way of thanking the family members, co-workers and friends of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. You can help C.O.P.S. by participating in your agency’s payroll deduction program. LA-COPS only asks that you contribute $1 each payday. Every dollar does make a difference! Donations are tax deductible according to current IRS guidelines.


Survivors are finding that there is no such thing as “closure” and they may need the support of C.O.P.S. for many years -- and you can help C.O.P.S. to be there for them.


In Law-Enforcement, we say,

“We take care of our own!” Let’s prove it!


Ways you can help support the survivors of Fallen Law Enforcement Officers:


* Organize a fundraising event for LA-C.O.P.S.


 * Golf tournaments, motorcycle rides and car show events, sporting events, shooting competitions, shows and entertainment, cooking and eating events. Fundraising events are held all over the state for LA-C.O.P.S.


* Volunteer your time and talents to the C.O.P.S. organization.


 * Participate in the Project Blue Light and Blue Ribbon Campaigns to increase community awareness of the sacrifices made by law enforcement and the need to support law enforcement.


 * Volunteer to assist with C.O.P.S. activities and meetings.


* Do you know someone who makes decisions about corporate/business donations? Call the LA-C.O.P.S. office and let us know so that contact can be made.


 * Tell everyone you know about C.O.P.S. C.O.P.S. is the “best-kept secret” in law enforcement. Tell your co-workers, your union leaders, other agencies, clubs and organizations, and your friends. Need some handouts? Let us know.



There is no membership fee to join C.O.P.S. for the price paid is already too high!

P.O. Box 41143

Baton Rouge, LA 70835



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