Forms for 

Law Enforcement Agencies

Forms for 

Law Enforcement Survivors

LA-C.O.P.S. Chapter Brochure

Need more information about our Chapter? Please feel free to contact us and/or download our Chapter Brochure.

LE Officer Personal/Financial Diary

A personal/financial diary for Law Enforcement Officers to fill out and share with their family. Important information to be safely tucked away. 

Payrol Deduct. Form

 If your department already has payroll deduction for LA-COPS, then please participate by authorizing a deduction each payday.  LA-COPS only asks that you give $1 each payday.  Every dollar does make a difference!  If your agency does not have payroll deduction for COPS then become a “point man” for COPS by encouraging that they begin a payroll deduction program for LA-COPS.  The LA-COPS office will gladly furnish whatever information is needed. Donations are tax-deductible according to current IRS guidelines

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Louisiana LODD Benefits

For all Louisiana Survivors and Law Enforcement Agencies. In our brochure you will find a brief description of benefits available to the survivors of La. Officers killed in the line of duty. Please contact us for additional information or assistance with filing for these benefits.

HOP Kids Camp, Outward Bound, Young Adult Camp Reimbursement Form

This form is for all Kid's Camp, Young Adult Camp and Outward Bound attendees. Please fill out the form, attache all required receipts and return within 60 days from returning home from your retreat.

HOP Retreat Reimbursement Form

This form is for all Spouses, Parents, Fiance/Significant Other, Siblings, Adult Children, Co-worker & Ext. Family. Once you have attended your individual Hands on Program(HOP), please fill out the form, attach all required receipts and return within 60 days from returning home from your retreat

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